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Joseph opens horizons of peace

Fatima : Joseph grants peace

It was part of the message of Fatima : Joseph grants horizons of peace. He was seen, after being announced by Virgin Mary, and he had the Child in his arm, as a sign of peace for the world.

Joseph is a messager of peace, and we can make this supposition for the year of saint Joseph decreeted by pope Francis : Joseph comes to give peace in the actual turmoil of the world. Throught this year of saint Joseph, and to those who will honnor him in communion with the Church, peace will be granted.

Joseph brodens our horizons

Joseph gives us inner peace : his help opens us horizons of hope, energy, creativity. Those who read the letter " Patris corde" ( pope Francis) understand that there is a special gift of creativity in the presence of Joseph for our daily life. Jobs, enterprises, daily life matters are at stake, all along with difficulties, dangers, politic instability, etc. Don't we fear anything ! We have Joseph to open us horizons of activ hope and ideas : we shall create a futur of peace with Joseph. This special year is given to us in this purpose : creativity and peace, joined together by the Worker of Nazareth.

Today, let's begin a special prayer : " Joseph, please, open horizons of creativity and peace to my daily life". 

I wrote in english, because many english speaking people visit this website dedicated to Joseph, and because of the events in America : may Joseph protect the peace of this country and of the world.

J. Peters


Samedi 9 Janvier 2021
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